May 6, 2018 (Act2)

Rise Review
May 6, 2018


Here are some quick notes you need to know...

May 13th: OFF(Mother's Day)
May 20th: Youth Group 6-8pm
May 27th: Youth Group 6-8pm
June 3rd: Act 2 6-8pm (Senior Recognition Night)

New Series 
We just started a new series this week called "Upside Down."
You can get the new Parent Cue on the Parent webpage or follow the link here.


Our Act 2 nights are always a lot of fun and very meaningful for us leaders because so much of what we do these nights come from our teens. This past Sunday was certainly a great example as more of what we did was straight from the teens than probably ever before. If you don't know - our Act 2 nights are teen planned worship services that are guided by our youth leaders. The components for these services we take from a passage in the bible from Acts 2:42. Those main components are teaching, fellowship, prayer, and the breaking of bread. This time around we had a special guest bringing the teaching in our very own Pastor Andy Sass. Pastor Andy worked for Youth for Christ for seven years and loves our teens. Our young people have always appreciated when he comes for a visit. Here are some pics from Sunday night.

As always - thank you for sharing your amazing teens with us,

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Mike & your Rise Youth Leaders


“Wake up, sleeper,
    RISE from the dead,
    and Christ will shine on you.”